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Bets on tennis

12.07.2019 в 17:50 44 Автор: Mazujind

Before the start of the event, the odds on Verdasco was 16 and I placed on him. After the Spaniard took the first two sets, the odds on Murray was 2. Relevant articles: Betting on tennis. Add Comment Add. Last Comments. Our customers about us Manage your bankroll Three months of betting with Dotennis picks and my trading bankroll has boosted! Having no time to watch all the matches myself, I totally rely on Dotennis previews.

Thanks, guys! Manage your bank! Igor Zhdanov.

Very reliable and dependable guys! These guys send safe tips and back them. That is what I enjoy. You read it and you want to bet more and more! If a person gives you a betting tip and then are prepared to follow it till the end of the match it means that we are dealing with responsible people who really mean what they say and what they do.

Alex Osipishen, New York. Keep up the great work!

In September I decided to pay for the subscription. I enjoy that the guys back every pick. The Australian Open in January was by far the longest winning streak for me. And keep up doing your job! Ram, 34 y. I know my money is being invested wisely. They do not offer free safe picks but this would never sway my decision to follow a particular service. The most important thing is that I know my money is being invested wisely.

Bookmakers offer different types of markets priced at different odds which means different potential winnings. The higher the odds, the bigger the potential returns, but there is also more risk as well. You can minimize that risk if you know a lot about tennis players. In this respect tennis betting is much easier than football or other team sports because you only need to take into account the stats of two or four players.

Please keep in mind that, unlike many other sports, there is no draw in tennis. If the score is tied, the match goes to a tie-break. The win of Player 1 or Player 2 is represented by W1 and W2 on the website. You can bet on the outcome of the whole match or of separate sets. Total in tennis usually means the total number of games played. It is something to remember when betting on tennis. Bookmakers use totals in various markets. There are the following options:.

Most popular bets on tennis

Bets on several markets are popular in tennis as well. Total is considered to be more difficult to predict than the whole match outcome because you need to know the players well, assess the dynamics and analyse the stats. In this case you need to estimate the potential difference in games won between opponents. A handicap can be a positive or a negative number. Ну судя по Жиру, который не нанёс ни одного удара в створ плюсовая фора весь чм, то Пэр сыграет не хуже.

Борис Ковач. Данил ,обожаю таких знатоков, что думают футбол - это только голы. У Жиру в сборной другие функции, он "танк", оттягивает на себя защиту, чтобы фланговые игроки забивали. Viktor Verigo. Витя Овчар. Прооорал с издания. Олег Диханбаев. Новак тут лучший. Геннадий Великанов. Оксана Окси. Кто это пишет?! У Роджера 20 БШ, у Рафы 17!!!!. Максим Убушаев ответил 5 ответов Показать следующие комментарии.

Betting Good Tennis (трансляции тенниса в HD)

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